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Working Capital

Essex has particular expertise in arranging working capital solutions for businesses in need of operating liquidity. Almost half of the firm's financing transactions have included an asset-based line of credit ("ABL") - mostly from privately funded specialty finance companies designed to capitalize companies that the banks won't (or can't) due to tightened lending criteria mandated by regulators.

Working capital solutions include:

  • 1

    Asset-based lines of credit

  • 2

    AR factoring

  • 3

    Inventory financing

  • 4

    Purchase order financing

  • 5

    Rediscount financing

We consistently meet companies who have been forced to factor (or sell) their receivables at very high cost of funds (many times in excess of 25% annually) because they thought factoring was the only solution after the banks turned them down. In many cases, cheaper options may be arranged for these clients. Sometimes factoring is the only option, but, when it is, Essex knows and works with the most cost effective factors in the marketplace, adding value by improving costs. Our preferred solution in these instances is to transition the company from factoring to a more traditional line of credit structure where the business keeps the AR on balance sheet, collects from customers as usual, and is able to benefit from a cost of funds less than half of the typical factoring arrangement. These transactions typically allow further liquidity for the client, as ABL firms will also fund an advance on inventory collateral.

Financing Solutions

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